How To Attach Clamp Lamp

Jan 21st

If you like to read or work at home with soft light or if you’re holding a pet lizard in a terrarium-you need to know about clamp lamp. Clamp lamps (or clip-on lamps) are made to easily lay to the corner of a desk or shelf so they never fall over. They are used in terrariums to mimic the sun’s heat. Attaching a clamp lamp to your desktop is easy, and the terrarium clamp lamps only require a small assembly

Magnifying Clamp On Desk Lamp
Magnifying Clamp On Desk Lamp

How to attach regular clamp lamp, select an open area on the desktop or other surfaces, such as the corner of a shelf, to set your lamp. Clear away some papers, books and other items that could put on the bulb and spark a fire. Put a light bulb in the lamp. Squeeze lamps for reading use a standard 40 watt bulb and do not require mounting. Press down on the wide end of the V-shaped clip (or clip) and fasten it to the end of a desk or shelf. If the clamp uses a screw to open and close, screw the screw (left to loosen, the right to tighten) to secure it. Plug the lamp on and turn it on.

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How to attach terrarium clamp lamp, remove the components in the lamp from the box. You should have a clamp, holster and lamp. Open the clamp by loosening the screw inside the base, turning it counterclockwise. Open it to its widest position. Insert the metal ball or knob of the holster into the narrow slot at the end of the clamp. Place the light in the wide open end of the clip. Tighten the screw by turning it clockwise. Attach the holster to an edge of the terrarium and angle the lamp in the desired direction. Plug the lamp on and turn it on.

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