Vintage Table Lamps Ideas

Jan 11th

You can find vintage table lamps in lots of shops now. How old is vintage though? As an average, maybe between twenty and eighty years is deemed to be vintage for a lamp. Antique would describe anything manufactured more than 80 years. Good isn’t it, the year of manufacture is inflation proof! What the item is also relevant to it. A vintage wine would normally not be as long ago as that.

Popular Vintage Table Lamps
Popular Vintage Table Lamps

OK, back to reality, a traditional house would be the ideal scenario to make them look stylish. They may not look that great in a modern monochromatic environment. The quality of manufacture was almost certainly superior than it is today when we go back a few years. Because they are still around, they were certainly made to last. The vintage table lamps of those days had more decoration and were generally more ornate than modern ones. The balance between toughness and looks just seemed to be just right. The amount of patterning never looks too much though. They are a lot plainer these days.

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Vintage table lamps come in many sizes and shapes just like modern ones. The mono colored ones have only been available recently though. Black table lamps were not available then. The materials used tended to be cast iron, glass, pottery or brass. When you have both modern and antique table lamps in your home, your friends will always notice the older ones first.. The number of years they have been around will astound them. The lampshades were just as complicated as the bases were too. Sometimes they were actually constructed from glass. Any area of your house will look better with these old fashioned lamps. Use them in your bedroom and they will improve your bedroom lighting.